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  • Law School

    Law School Account Representative Contact Information

    Name Email Phone
    Adam Jay 954-594-2020
    Christine Tibbits 231-715-1731
    Rachael Wisner 478-297-2263
    Kaitlyn Dell’Aquila 860-874-5775
    Karen Wellman 510-519-0323
    Kimberly Sue 336-210-7167
    Jacob Murry 405-250-6517

    Law School Account Representative Territories

    Alabama Adam Jay
    Alaska Karen Wellman
    Arizona Jacob Murry
    Arkansas Jacob Murry
    California Karen Wellman
    Colorado Rachael Wisner
    Connecticut Kaitlyn Dell’Aquila
    Delaware Rachael Wisner
    Florida Adam Jay
    Georgia Adam Jay
    Hawaii    Karen Wellman
    Idaho    Karen Wellman
    Illinois    Rachael Wisner
    Indiana    Christine Tibbits
    Iowa    Rachael Wisner
    Kansas    Rachael Wisner
    Kentucky    Christine Tibbits
    Louisiana    Jacob Murry
    Maine    Kaitlyn Dell’Aquila
    Maryland    Kimberly Sue
    Massachusetts    Kaitlyn Dell’Aquila
    Michigan    Christine Tibbits
    Minnesota Rachael Wisner
    Mississippi    Adam Jay
    Missouri    Rachael Wisner
    Montana    Rachael Wisner
    Nebraska    Rachael Wisner
    Nevada    Karen Wellman
    New Hampshire    Kaitlyn Dell’Aquila
    New Jersey  Rachael Wisner
    New Mexico    Jacob Murry
    New York (except New York City and Long Island) Kaitlyn Dell’Aquila
    New York (New York City and Long Island) Rachael Wisner
    North Carolina Kimberly Sue
    North Dakota Rachael Wisner
    Ohio    Christine Tibbits
    Oklahoma    Jacob Murry
    Oregon  Karen Wellman
    Pennsylvania    Rachael Wisner
    Puerto Rico    Kimberly Sue
    Rhode Island    Kaitlyn Dell’Aquila
    South Carolina    Adam Jay
    South Dakota    Rachael Wisner
    Tennessee    Christine Tibbits
    Texas    Jacob Murry
    Utah    Jacob Murry
    Vermont    Kaitlyn Dell’Aquila
    Virginia    Kimberly Sue
    Washington Karen Wellman
    Washington, D.C. Kimberly Sue
    West Virginia    Kimberly Sue
    Wisconsin    Rachael Wisner
    Wyoming    Rachael Wisner
  • Undergraduate

    Undergraduate Account Representative

    For Paralegal, Criminal Justice, Business Law, and other Programs, contact:

    Brooke Goerman